Corporate Services

I coach individuals and teams for key presentations, help create pitch-decks, culture decks and other high-stakes presentations for clients, employees or investors. I also help design corporate culture workshops.

Personal Narrative Work

I help people construct their self-narratives. Why would anyone want to work on that? Well, some need it for their TEDx talks, some for their marketing materials, some are trying to become [better] leaders and need to figure out their ideology. But most people are simply at difficult junctures and want to understand where they are and what their next project might be. My first client came to me when he sold his company and decided to pursue an MBA at MIT. He asked me to help him with his letter of motivation. We talked about his personal history, and he mentioned, among other things, that both his parents were medical doctors. He ended up founding a medical devices startup.

The process involves at least 4 hour-long conversations. We will talk about your personality, values, problems in the world that you see, opportunities you want to pursue, your vision, maybe principles you espouse, practices you, well, practice. You will end up with 1-2 page story about yourself. I cannot guarantee you will find a solution to your problem, but you will definitely get a better understanding of the problem.

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